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Legal Aid for Asylum and Immigration

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Facing an immigration or asylum issue? Reliable legal consultation is mandatory

UK immigration is complex. Not being aware of the law can complicate things further. Working with professional attorneys can simplify your case, ascertaining that you claim your rights successfully and win the appeal.

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Legal aid is a facility only available for those who can’t pay for professional legal assistance. In case you qualify, the government will bear all costs that incur when you seek legal advice and representation.

Legal Aid in Asylum and Immigration Cases
You can obtain legal aid in human rights, asylum, and immigration cases. When clubbed together, they are often referred to as international protection claims. All of your applications would be based on your fears and risks associated with your return to your national country.

If you foresee potential risks for your loved ones living in your country of origin, get in touch with an immigration solicitor. We’ll represent you, helping you claim legal aid.

What Else Can You Get Legal Aid For?
Legal aid may be available for specific immigration cases that include the following:

  • Trafficking – provided you have a ‘positive reasonable grounds decision’
  • Domestic violence
  • Challenging immigration detention – legal aid can be obtained when applying for bail or challenging release conditions or unlawful detention
  • Judicial review proceedings – getting legal aid for juridical proceedings can be difficult, but nonetheless, it’s still a possibility

Are There any Cases for Which You Can’t Apply for Legal Aid?
If there aren’t any risks associated with your return, you may not qualify for legal aid in the following cases.

  • Student, work and family visas
  • Deportation
  • Married to a British citizen
  • Relationships with a British child
  • Refuge family reunions

Means and Merits Tests
Cases related to legal aid are ‘means tested’ and ‘merit tested’. Means tested means that legal aid is offered only if you have low income or savings. Merit tested implies that legal aid can only be availed if your case is considered good enough for the funds available.
Merit assessment criteria differ from case to case. Generally, funding is provided only when there are chances that your case will be successful. In rare cases, you can seek free legal advice even if you fail to meet the required conditions.

Exceptional Case Funding
In case you don’t qualify for legal aid, you can still apply for Exceptional Case Funding, abbreviated as ECF. This fund is granted only for complicated cases or to individuals who may face serious problems if they apply without professional help. The main purpose of ECF is to ensure that human rights or EU rights aren’t breached.

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