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Civil and Commercial Litigation
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Litigation is generally a legal dispute that demands money or certain actions rather than pressing for criminal charges.

In the event of a complex litigation controversy, Milestone Solicitors can act as your impartial mediator. We offer assistance on a wide variety of litigation platforms, be they civil or commercial. Types of litigation include:

Civil Litigation

This concerns legal disputes between people. It could take the form of someone owing someone else money, defamation of character, or injury caused by a third party. We can help you assess whether or not you have a claim, and how to go about escalating one if you do.

Commercial Litigation

This concerns legal disputes between companies. We can assist in either making a claim or defending your organisation against one. We strive to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible, while minimising risks and costs.

Professional Negligence

Professionals of their fields are expected to know what they’re doing but if you have suffered professional negligence, you may have a case against the professional. This can include professionals who provide bad or harmful advice, solicitors/accountants that miss deadlines, surveyors who mis-survey, financial professionals who mismanage trust funds, or otherwise.

Property Litigation

Property disputes often require expert advice. This category could include a boundary dispute, breach in covenant in a deed, a dispute between tenants and landlords, lease renewals, repossession, and mis-statements made in sales of land. We are experts in this field.

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