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Legal Consultation We’ve built our business on helping people. The legal process can be intrinsically difficult, and often comes at a difficult time. With your every query attended to by experts of their sphere, we keep proceedings running smoothly and simply, guiding you down the legal path that best fulfils your needs. Located in the busy heart of London, Milestone Solicitors has represented individuals and organisations across the spectrum. It was proudly founded as a specialist City Law boutique and continues to provide impeccable service and genuine client care, at the time they need it most.

Who We Are

Milestone Solicitors is an independent law firm, with a proud record of competency and success in its legal duty. We’re a small firm and can afford to pay each client the personal care necessary to ensure the optimal outcome.

Our Approach

We’re with you every step of the way. Our solicitors operate on a case-to-case basis and devise the most favourable outcome and the most cost-effective method of getting there. We pride ourselves on the high quality of service we’re able to provide when we limit our business volume and devote ourselves to each client, be they in an individual or business capacity. We offer flexible payment options, case progress reports and options for failed appeal.

Our Expertise

Milestone Solicitors specialises in immigration law and has had soaring success in this avenue. We have also excelled in settling litigation cases. We’ve demonstrated consistent aptitude across the board of legal queries and pride ourselves on not only our methods but their telling results.

Our Team

Our established and experienced team has come together from a variety of legal backgrounds. They have a reputation for getting involved with our clients on a more human level and investing the most assiduous and dedicated care to their needs. We’re known for working after hours in certain cases, and because we understand you want to feel especially confident, we assign a senior partner to oversee every case we take on.



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